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Feature Lite Standard Enterprise
Save Microsoft Visio Diagrams into DE2 Repository x x x
Open Microsoft Visio Diagrams from DE2 Repository x x x
Manage several projects through DE2 Repository x x x
Federate data among projects x x x
Manage Microsoft Visio Track Markup Features x x x
Refresh Microsoft Visio Data fom DE2 Repository x x x
Import Objects from DE2 Repository into Microsoft Visio x x x
Offline data analysis and accessibility through Microsoft Access x x x
Logical Model (Metamodel) allows easy configuration for any solution x x x
Automated metamodel creation based on Microsoft Visio Drawings x x x
Support for any Microsoft Visio Stencil x x x
Create a Microsoft Word report of a Visio Drawing x x x
Manage Microsoft Visio Layers x x
Import Microsoft Excel into DE2 Repository x x
Convert Microsoft Visio Shapes from one Master to Another x x
Commit Microsoft Visio Track Markup Comments and Objects x x
Multiple copies of DE2M can connect to the same DE2 Repository x x
Collaborative Workflow Support managed through DE2 Repository x
View data, reports, and dashboards through an online environment x
Automated creation of Project portals in DE2 Repository x
Customizable enforced processes at any level within DE2 Repository x
Full audit trail is maintained so any changes can be traced back to their sources with intuitive markup for comparison x
Generate reports as DOC, HTML, XML, PDF, XLS, and many popular graphic formats x
HTML and Java Applet User Interface - Supports all major web browsers x
Import Oracle databases into DE2 Repository x
Import/Export Excel into DE2 Repository x
Import/Export XLS, XMI, MDB x
Import/Export XMI to/from DE2 Repository x
MOF- and other standard-based metamodels can be imported x
Polling & Discussion Threads x
Project, Data type, Object and Attribute level security x
Role based Security, navigation, and access with intuitive interface for user management Enforced by Oracle cannot be circumvented by direct access x
Web based "Dashboards" to give users summaries of data, progress, status, etc. x
Web based Business Intelligence Reporting as Pie charts, Bar charts, Metric Charts, Tabular Reports, etc x
Web based data viewing/editing with intuitive filters and subfilters x
Web based diagram viewing x
Web based Link Matrix tool allows simple association of data elements - Highly configurable for optimal viewing, sorting and accessibility x
Web based rapid portal creation and management x
Web Based rapid report building interface x
Web based relationship visualization ('what-if' or gap analysis) x
Import ERWin into DE2 Repository x
Import Metastorm into DE2 Repository x
Import/Export System Architect into DE2 Repository x
Synchronize Microsoft Visio Stencils with DE2 Repository Metamodel x
Automated role creation and security setting application as metamodel is built through DE2M x