´╗┐Data Enabled Enterprise (DE2) Suite

Data Enabled Enterprise Modeler (DE2M) Enterprise Data Enabled Enterprise Modeler (DE2M) Standard
DE2M Enterprise is the perfect modeling solution for a large team environment. It uses a powerful online repository and central repository based on Oracle Database to provide powerful analytics, configuration management, information consolidation, security, and more.
Our standard version ties Microsoft Visio to a centralized repository (SQL Server). This allows your team to collaborate and reuse the same data, diagrams, and more to optimize your modeling efforts.
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Data Enabled Enterprise Repository (DE2R)
DE2R is the backbone of DE2M. It is a fully online and fully customizable central repository with user dashboards, portals, analytics, graphs, import/export capabilities, security, and much more to store, analyze, and control all data captured from DE2M and any additional data you wish.
DE2R Standard is the backbone of DE2M Standard. It is a customizable central respository with reports and charts to store and analyze data from DE2M Standard and Lite. It can be extended to store additional data as well.
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