Data Enabled Enterprise Modeler (DE2M) Standard

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A Standard that's above the rest

DE2M Standard is the perfect solution for a medium sized modeling team. You might already know Microsoft Visio as the easy, extendable powerhouse. Now give those flat diagrams a new dimension - data, analysis, collaboration, data reuse, and unity right out of the gate. Dump a stack of diagrams in and get a ton of data out. It's that simple. But that's not all, share that data and collaborate with the rest of your team over a network. Utilize object conversion, layer management, and more to unify your team. Need a fully online repository? Check out DE2M Enterprise.

Complete Data Capture and Management

All data from a Microsoft Visio diagram is saved into the Microsoft Access based DE2 Repository Lite. Complete means not only the attributes of individual objects but the relations between the objects. Capture the meaning of the diagram's parent-child hierarchies, nested nodes, and areas. You drew it to have meaning - now capture that meaning in a database. You can even change data in the repository and synchronize it back to your diagrams. Diagram to Data ... Data to Diagram.

Complete Basic Analysis Set

DE2M Standard provides you with a set of Access queries and reports that express the foundational relationships between the project, the diagrams and the objects. Every project immediately can be expressed in counts of diagrams and objects as well as what objects are on what diagram. What objects are parents to what children? What objects are not connected to anything, or only have an input without an output? Or only have an output without an input? With these as the basis you can customize them to express the same queries for specific objects for a more detailed analysis. Think in your terms, visualize in your relationships and analyze from the start. Anything you draw can be analyzed. Whether you're a process engineer looking for how many processes are dependent on a certain person, or a building planner trying to figure out how many chairs can fit into a room, DE2M can answer your question.

Not So Basic Reporting Capabilities

Your analysis and decision making requires flexibility to communicate your thoughts through the data and its relationships. The DE2 Lite Repository provides a set of Microsoft Word Diagram reports, graphs of summaries and .SVG diagrams for communication to HTML, XML, PDF, XLS, and many popular graphic formats

Multiple Clients - Central Repositories

DE2M Standard can connect your whole team by using a single shared database across your network. This allows you to federate and control data. Each project in DE2M Standard also has its own DE2 Lite Repository. This allows you to maintain multiple projects across multiple clients while keeping their repositories separate to allow for basic security.

Other Features

Object Conversion
Object locking
Layer Management
And much more!

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