Data Enabled Enterprise Repository (DE2R) Lite

DE2R Standard is a Microsft Access database that has been preloaded with several queries and reports. DE2R Standard is used to store data from DE2M Standard and DE2M. Since DE2R Standard is a Microsoft Access database it has all the robust storage, reporting, querying, import, export, and data entry features to enable your teams success.


Reports are the key to answering the questions you have when modeling. Use your own queries or those we provide out of the box to unleash the full power of DE2M.

Complex Reporting Capabilities

Your analysis and decision making requires flexibility to communicate data. Here are just a few possibilities.

Tabular Reports

Charts and Graphs are wonderful but sometimes tables are the best option. Our tabular reports can be sorted, ordered, searched, and even exported to Excel with just a click!

Data Federation and Reuse

Since DE2R Standard is a database it is easy to reference and reuse data stored throughout. You can do this directly in DE2R Standard or through DE2M by using Object Explorer and Open Object.

Flexible and Customizable Metamodel

Importing data from other sources directly into DE2R Standard simply takes a few clicks. You can also extend the attributes of object types you use while modeling or custom data you have created or imported with ease.

Data Manipulation

Using the powerful features of forms creation inherit to Microsoft Access, you can create powerful easy to use forms for data entry and manipulation right inside of DE2R Standard