FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does your tool support all the currently available stencils in Visio?

A: Yes, all stencils that come prepackaged with Visio are compatible with our DE2M solution and will work "out of the box".  Most of these stencils do NOT come with data fields (attributes) associated with them.  It will be necessary for you to "define shape data" on these shapes or to use our "data-enabled" version of the stencil (if available).  See the tutorial on "Adding shape data in Visio with DE2M "

Q: In the "Enterprise" version you use SVG graphics on the web server side, we heard that Adobe is no longer supporting SVG?

A: While Adobe is not providing future support for SVG, the standard is not being retired and will be functional through third party software.  It is also still an alternate "Save as" format from Visio.