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Data Enabled Enterprise Repository (DE2R) Functional Overview

DE2R is designed to allow rapid construction of complex solutions that solve enterprise-class challenges such as: Enterprise Architecture, Risk Management, Systems Engineering, Data Management, Knowledge Management, Capital Planning and Investment Control

DE2R is built on a foundation of 6 key functions.
  • Consumption - Consumers such as CEOs, CFOs, reviewers, readers, and others who view end state reports to make decisions.
  • Interaction - Contributors who enter information through web based reports and other limited entry.
  • Visualization and Navigation - Designers who design the look and feel of custom portals and reports.
  • Modeling, Integration, and Federation - Modelers enter key through the use of DE2M, eDiagram, and eLink.
  • Transformation, Querying, and Metadata Management - Analysts who write custom queries, transform data, and extend the underlying metamodel.
  • User and Data Management - Admins that control users, privileges, and handle major imports and exports as well as creating projects, packages, and more.
These layers add up to a product that can be extremely easy for end users to use whether they are logging in to view their daily reports or logging in to enter comments, reviews, changes, and new data. At the same time it is extremely flexible allowing for endless ways to view, store, extend, and analyze your data.

After logging in to DE2R you are taken to your homepage. As a decision maker your homepage may be one that's filled with charts, graphs, and reports that answer what you need answered each day. These reports update in real time as data is edited by contributors and modelers. Any type of analysis can be easily created in DE2R to answer any question you have. These reports are exportable to MS Excel and Adobe PDF for your offline needs.

Sometimes consumers are not key decision makers and may simply be people seeking out information. Custom portals may guide their experience through your currently published end state of products and information however you choose. Since DE2R is built on a web foundation it supports anything you would find on other websites from simple drill down navigation to complex Adobe Flash applications.

Beyond the consumers are low level data entry Contributors. These Contributors are usually Subject Matter Experts who enter new data as well as edit and review data produced by other users. They may be members of your Architecture Review, System Design, Facility Management, Curriculum Design, Financial Planning, or Configuration Management team.

Contributors enter and edit data using out of the box or custom web based data entry vehicles. These may be simple web forms or may be something such as a Grid view, much like a spreadsheet, where large amounts of data can be viewed, edited, and entered at once.

Visualization and Navigation
The look and feel of your environment is one of the most important things. When your team can easily find the information they are looking for they will be more productive. Training new members of your team will take less time and collaboration between team members can increase as well. This is why DE2R comes with easy navigation out of the box but also allows full customization of the environment.

Having a member on your team who is an experienced web designer can bring your team to the next level of productivity. Whether you want to create custom navigation, pages, images, animations, sounds, movies, or anything else you would find on any other webpage, it is possible in DE2R. Instead of adding customization as an afterthought, DE2R was built around the principle of not only allowing you to fully customize it but also helping you customize it. You can have a professional web designer come in and create fully custom pages or you can simply use a wizard to change simple settings on any portal page, report, and more.

Modeling, Integration, and Federation
While contributors enter data through web forms, modelers can be found entering data through more complex tools. These would be more technical people on your team who wouldn't have problems entering data through Microsoft Visio Diagrams (using DE2M), data diagrams, matrices, and more. Armed with an understanding in data relations and a deep knowledge of your data, modelers are those who tie your data together. Traditionally modelers would learn tools that may take months or longer to master but we strive to provide tools that are powerful and easy to use.

Transformation, Querying, and Metadata Management
Analysts are the ones who develop the queries that feed the reports, graphs, and more that designers would then customize and organize. Leaning on an experience in SQL, relational databases, and data management, analysts are the most powerful controllers of your data. They define your metamodel, transform data from outside sources, and develop SQL queries.

Using various tools inside of DE2R they can easily perform their tasks. Low level analysts may use query wizards to develop simple reports while higher level analysts may write their own SQL queries. Class Manager is another tool in DE2R that provides a user interface for editing your metamodel. This eliminates the need to write SQL to do things such as define new tables or add additional attributes to existing ones or relate various tables together.

User and Data Management
Admins are the overseers of projects in DE2R. They control who has what roles and what roles have permissions to what data, reports, and portals through User Manager. They also can do backups of DE2R as well as import/export data from/to other tools through various tools in DE2R. They have all the power of all other roles as well, a true power user. In some situations you may only have one user who would be an Admin, in others you may have various teams in the same DE2R with an admin for each team.

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